My Story

I love to sing, write songs, take photographs and explore the creation.  I am a lover of the Light and a seeker of the Truth.   

I like to listen and watch, and then endeavour to amplify and bring to light the wonder of what I see & hear through sharing songs, sounds, stories, poems and photographs.  

I first started playing piano at the age of eight and soon after I began writing my first songs. Growing up in country East Gippsland there were lots of rivers, lakes, beaches and state forests to explore.  Strangely though, my greatest fear was that I would get stuck and never have the chance to explore the wider world.   This fear never eventuated and at the age of twenty I began touring Australia as support artist for country/gospel singer and soon after, recording my own projects and touring. Life has pretty much been one big musical and adventure!

In 1997 we  relocated to the Central Coast of NSW.  We settled in the beautiful beachside town of Terrigal.  We set up a studio where we recorded many bands and artists and composed music for television and film.   I took up a position as manager of The Grove Recording studios; a 5 star, multi-studio, recording resort and in the same year we also set up our own production label and international touring arm - Translator Records.   Translator have worked closely with many African artists including The Sowers Group and toured UK virtuoso guitarist and singer/songwriter Jon Gomm with Andy Sorenson.

After a BIG few years helping so many artists to record and tour, we finally took the liberty (and what a liberty it has been!) to allow ourselves the space to be creative again.   
Since then I have released three recordings:  (all available here)
Out of the Quiet - a reflective piano and vocal devotions
Unleash - a joyful celebration of light and love  
& Crossing Over (EP) - songs exploring freedom and wonder!  

Music for me, is a bridge to another world, a world of beauty, love and strength, a world where there is always hope and a higher view on things and I believe we all desperately need this in our lives.