Ballooning spirits

A dream.

Everyone was excited. A big, bright, hot-air balloon had just arrived and it’s magical presence hovered above us all… waiting.   

I watched. People seemed to know just what to do and they were hurrying attaching…

Here come the dancing ones

here come
the dancing ones
the prancing feet of deer
sparking golden lights on the mountain path
romancing hearts
from fear

I can hear the
pure voice of diamond seed
the overflowing sing
honeysuckle flowers and bluebird swirl
the warming…

Catch the end of the ribbon 


catch the end of the ribbon 
at the end of the day 
in the swirling fog 
when you’ve lost your way 
catch the ripple of joy 
and the waft of scent 
hear the youthful lungs 
in it’s soft…

the dancing dew

spread your wings 
with silver sheen 
and dew drop trails 
across the green 

with moonstones scattered 
in cloak of night 
beyond the fractured 
reach of light       
what’s in a drop? 
what worlds lie yet 
for brightest dawn 
with full…

The small mirror

a temple  
is a house 
a shelter 
a home 
a vessel 
that carries 
a source  
an abode 
of light 
or of dark 
a place 
to be filled 
with wine 
or with oil 
or with gold 
or goodwill 

who lives  …

Analog man in a digital world

Am I flesh of your flesh 
& bone of your bone? 
or zeros and ones 
and definable code? 

Has the lid been opened? 
Must I enter in? 
To a box so small  
and so limit-ing? 

Seems the…

The new draught

a draught of strength
drawing nigh 
with oxen pull
and soldiers eye 
shoulders set 
united stance 
their humble entrance 

a train of thought
a future breed 
with winds and wines 
and med-i-cines 
their nostrils flare 
these fires breathe…

The Highlanders

An expanse descending 
like liquid rainbow 
fire droplets 
complete, tangible, worlds 
felted fire-tears fall 
dressing the beautiful heads 
with feathery bright delight 
tribal warriors risen 
line upon line 
song upon song 
dance upon dance  
they advance in succession.

Wild Imaginings!

Imagine.  It’s a big word. 
Where do you start?  The fact is I have already started.  All of those anxieties, conversations, outcomes and second guesses that I allow to play over in my mind aren’t actually real. I’m just imagining…