From the recording UNLEASH!

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Live Band
Drums: Rolf Wam Fjell
Guitars: David Holmes
Bass: Ben Whincop
Synths, Hammond, keytar bass & percussion: Andy Sorenson

Produced & recorded by Andy Sorenson
All piano & vocals: Kathy Johnston

Additional Guitars:
Phil Butson, David Carr, Ric Wong
Violin: Kirsten Miller
Harp: Kim Cannan
Featured vocal on None Beside: Judd Field
Backing vocals: Steve Apirana, Christine Butson, Andy Sorenson
Additional vocals: David Atkins, Martin Walker
Band recorded at Music Cellar Studios.
Overdubs recorded at Translator by Andy
Vocals by Kathy
Mix: Andy Sorenson
Mastered by: Don Bartley
Graphic design: Francesca Carra

All songs written by Kathryn Mary Johnston

We would like to honour and acknowledge the first Australians


Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun
Radiant one
Riding on the
Songs of the mighty ones
Here come the sons
Holding treasure in their hearts

Here comes the rain
The blessed rain
Blinding waves
Pushing back the
Curtain of our pain
Here comes the flame
Dancing on the winds of change

It’s filling up
It’s pouring down
Feel the heat
Let the deep be unleashed

It’s waking up
It’s breaking down
Hear the roar
Can you feel the fire fall?

Like the light on the water glimmers
Like the light on the water shimmers
Your glory fills the earth