1. Rain fell down

From the recording Crossing Over

A beautiful renaissance song featuring Stephen Kirk on acoustic guitar.
Produced by Andy Sorenson


The rain fell down
The rain fell down
Falling on the mountains
Over rocks and into streams
Waterfalls like rushing wind

Release the sound
Renaissance sound
Calling things to order
Oil poured out on the head
Flowing down upon beard

Carrying the presence
Crossing over waters

And I can hear them marching
And I can hear the ram’s horn
For such a place as this
Into this time we are born

Supply is down
The train’s off track
Carriages are scattered
Strewn across the desert floor
It seems that there is no way forward

The soldiers came in
Two by two
Clothed in gold and scarlet
It seems they knew just what to do
With poles of strong acacia wood

Carrying the presence
Crossing over waters
Carrying the presence
We’re crossing out the borders