DEEPEST GALAXIES from the 5 song EP CROSSING OVER.  Available for download for only $10


Hi and thanks for dropping in! 

I love the earth and the heavens and it is my life's mission to be someone who amplifies and brings light to the wonder & beauty of what I see around me.  

A little while back we sold up our house & little patch of rainforest paradise on the Central Coast of NSW and relocated to the thriving, artistic metropolis that is Melbourne! Our small white inner city apartment was quite a contrast to the rainforest we left behind and initially I didn't find it particularly inspiring!  What I ended up discovering though was a 'Narnia-style’ door to another world.   I began exploring the atmospheres, unveiling universes and getting a little more familiar with the musical and vibrant language of the Great Creator.   Then it began to rain...a deluge of melodies, lyrics, rhythms and songs.

I believe that art often has direct line to the heart.  If our hearts can be encouraged, restored and filled up with joy, peace, love and all that good stuff then there can be a sweet flow on effect to our families, communities and the earth.  Music and nature fill me up and it is my hope that something of what I share here will bring a little courage and hope to your world... let’s face it, there’s plenty of the opposite happening around us all.

You can find some of my new albums and recordings and occasional blogs and other info here.   You can also keep in touch with photos, thoughts and upcoming gigs via the Facebook links below. 

Thanks for visiting!  :)

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